Dating Safety

1. MEET YOUR DATE IN PUBLIC 2. LET YOUR FRIENDS WHEN AND WHERE YOU MEETING YOUR DATE Be safe when meeting your date for the first time. It is best to meet your date in public. Let your friends know who and where your meeting your date. Be care about what personal information you are revealing to your date such as the address of your home. Be honest with the photos and information you send to your date to avoid anger and aggressive behavior. Try to get to know your date through Skype, chat, Facebook and other social media before your first meeting. Ask for many photos, both old photos and current photos. Ask many questions about their job, health, marriages and divorces, children and the city where they live. Stay in touch with friends and family, let them know what plans you have with your new companion. It is better to take your time and go slowly. Find out your rights regarding domestic violence, abuse and divorce in your companion's country.